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Photos of Rural Life in Uganda, East Africa

Images of Daily Life in Uganda by Lauren Himiak


Lauren Himiak took these beautiful photos of rural life in Uganda while volunteering in the small village of Kyazanga. She worked with the House of Hope, an organization she found through the Global Volunteer Network (GVN). House of Hope is focused on bringing aid and education to the orphans of the Masaka District in Western Uganda. At the primary school, Lauren worked with children ranging in age from 3-15 years old, who had lost their guardians due to AIDS and other illnesses.

During my stay, I lived in a compound within the village of Kyazanga and was provided a bed with mosquito netting, as well as 3 meals a day. Though there was no running water, I was provided with a communal “squat” latrine, as well as an enclosed area for bathing using a bucket of water. Life in Uganda was completely different than anything I had ever experienced I consider it a gift and a very rare opportunity to live in such a different way.

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Young Child, UgandaYoung ChildNew School Uniforms, UgandaNew School UniformsSchool Classroom, UgandaSchool ClassroomGrandma with Groundnuts, UgandaGrandmother With Groundnuts
School Boys at Home, UgandaSchool Boys at HomePlaying Football (Soccer), UgandaPlaying Football in Rural UgandaWeaving Baskets, UgandaWeaving BasketsMother and Child, UgandaMother and Child
Woman Washing with Baby, UgandaDaily Washing With Baby on the BackPushing Bikes up a Hill, UgandaCollecting WaterBaby Joe, image of a young child, rural western UgandaJoe, from Lugazi village, UgandaLauren with her Primary School StudentsLauren and the Children of Kyazanga Village
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